shot by tess // laura james

happy new year!

a couple weeks ago i got to photograph my sweet friend who is an awesome singer! check her music out on iTunes and her Facebook!

ForLaura2013-1 ForLaura2013-2 ForLaura2013-4 ForLaura2013-5 ForLaura2013-7 ForLaura2013-8 ForLaura2013-9 ForLaura2013-10 ForLaura2013-14 ForLaura2013-15 ForLaura2013-19 ForLaura2013-22 ForLaura2013-25 ForLaura2013-26 ForLaura2013-28 ForLaura2013-29 ForLaura2013-30 ForLaura2013-34 ForLaura2013-38 ForLaura2013-39 ForLaura2013-40 ForLaura2013-42 ForLaura2013-43 ForLaura2013-47 ForLaura2013-50 ForLaura2013-53 ForLaura2013-56 ForLaura2013-58 ForLaura2013-63 ForLaura2013-64 ForLaura2013-69 ForLaura2013-71 ForLaura2013-72 ForLaura2013-74 ForLaura2013-75 ForLaura2013-76 ForLaura2013-78 ForLaura2013-82 ForLaura2013-83 ForLaura2013-85 ForLaura2013-86 ForLaura2013-89

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