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Your wedding day is a defining moment.

You want to remember everything. The guests, the food, the details, that funny thing that made you laugh. It’s a precious and delicate day. Emotions are high.

Standing on the outside as a photographer, there are a few things I think any couple should consider for your day. And it mostly revolves around TIME.

You will run late at some during the day. Yup. It’s true. I know most of you Type A ladies are freaking out at that.

I’ve never been to a wedding that is running on time. Ever. The unexpected will happen. But that’s ok, because it’s YOUR day. The wedding won’t start without you. So try to go with the flow and relax. You will get down that aisle to your love. I promise.

Allow time for your pictures & have a schedule of events. Seriously!

Figure out what is most important to you for pictures and communicate that to your photographer in every way possible prior to the big day.  If that means you & your love have the most time with pictures, or all the little details you spent HOURS working on or your great grandma is there and she needs to be in 90% of the photos…make sure that is known, otherwise, it could get missed. And then no one is satisfied.

Think about how long your engagement pictures took and figure you’re going to need at least that for your portraits with your main squeeze.

I’ve talked about why seeing each other before the ceremony is so awesome and why it helps the day move a little easier (you can read that HERE). Really think about this. Your love’s reaction to seeing you all beautified is the same as if he saw you walking down the aisle.

As soon as the ceremony is over you are trying to get as much in as you can before the reception. Which includes not only pictures of the two of you, but your entire bridal party, family on both sides and special friends that are there. An hour is not going to do the trick and there will be pictures missed. Especially if you are talking about more than 15 people to organize.

Hire an actual wedding coordinator!

I know, I know…you’re probably thinking, I can’t afford one! But really…this is a smart investment. You need someone who knows what they are doing. Who is not afraid to be bold or bossy and knows how to deal with sticky situations.

A coordinator is someone who is going to protect you and your day. They are THE go to person. That way you can really enjoy the day and not worry about the fact that the cake is late or that the best man forgot the rings in the hotel room. They can handle the pressure…that’s their job!

Not only that, but a wedding coordinator can really help keep everyone on track time wise. They can help me, as the photographer, stay one step ahead of the day. They will help with all the little details, so that you, your love, your family & friends can have the best experience ever. They will make your day EPIC! I know a few awesome ones, so if you need a name…I’ve got your back!

One last thing and then I will get off of my soap box.

Save time for you and your love afterwards. Honestly and truly.

Don’t feel like you need to stay at your reception because people are still there. This day is about you and your love. You don’t want to be so exhausted by the time you leave that you can’t enjoy your wedding night.

I understand that some of you want to enjoy the party and see your friends and that’s ok. There is nothing wrong with that. Just keep in mind that if you stay so late that you can hardly wait to go to bed…and by bed, I mean actually closing your eyes and not waking until the morning. Then something went a little wrong.

I’ve been a guest, flower girl (who threw a HUGE fit because I couldn’t hold my aunt’s hand down the aisle), bridesmaid, a maid of honor and the photographer. I’ve seen lots of situations and I want nothing more than for you both to enjoy this amazing day.

Find out what is the most important picture wise, take the time to communicate it to your photographer prior to the wedding week and if at all possible, hire a professional wedding coordinator. You will be happy you did!

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