class of 2016 senior rep program | shot by tess


Woop woop! it’s that time of year again!!!

If you’re graduating next year, aren’t afraid of being in front of a camera and want to be rep for your senior photography….look no further!

What is it?

A program that gives incentives for high school seniors for helping me spread the word about my photography.

What does it look like?

Just for being a cool, you get a free 45 minute session (includes one outfit & one local location), 5 photos for facebook, cards with your AMAZING picture on them to hand out to your super cool friends that they can use to get $25 off their own session.

The Incentives.

One friend books a session with me, you get $25 off of your session.

Two friends book a session with me, you get $50 off of your session

And if you hit 4 referrals, you’ll get a full hour and half session,  with 2 local locations, 4 outfit changes and a PASS website with all your amazing photos to share online ($275 value and includes printing rights)!!!

If you go above & beyond your referral number,  you will get the chance to win a personalized 20 page book with your amazing photos.

Sound Like a Deal?!

Here is what you do next….fill out the form below, tell me you’re interested, I’ll send you an application, we’ll chat to make sure we mesh & then start the amazingness.

here are the qualifications & the deadline:

*you must be graduating in 2016

*Turn your app in by 03/27/15

*If chosen, there is a $50 nonrefundable deposit that means you’re serious about being a rep and is put towards your rep cards and your full session.

*you must promote Shot By Tess & only Shot By Tess

*sign your senior rep contract


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