boudoir lifestyle | shot by tess

Yes you read that right….boudoir…so don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see it.

It’s not porn and it’s not trashy.

It’s a woman wanting to celebrate who she is and how she’s made. It’s about showing the love of her life that she is confident in herself in a world where it’s hard to be a woman at times.

As a female, I struggle with myself image more than I like to admit and there are times when it does in fact effect me. I think that’s why I love doing boudoir. I see a woman who is unsure of what she’s decided to do, become more confident by the time we are done. There is a dramatic change in how she presents herself. It’s beautiful.

If you’ve thought about it but never pulled the trigger on it, I want you to rethink it. It doesn’t matter that you’re not a super model, it doesn’t matter if you are pregnant and it sure doesn’t matter if you have cellulite (#everywomanhasit) because i promise you, your man doesn’t see those things we look at so harshly on ourselves.

You are wonderfully made and you should take the time to prove to yourself that you are indeed beautiful. Plus it’s pretty priceless to see your love’s face when he sees the photos.

*all images have been approved by husband and wife* 

FinalAMcN-1 FinalAMcN-33 FinalAMcN-41 FinalAMcN-44 FinalAMcN-46 FinalAMcN-48 FinalAMcN-49 FinalAMcN-55 FinalAMcN-56 FinalAMcN-57 FinalAMcN-63 FinalAMcN-86 FinalAMcN-19FinalAMcN-21


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