goodbye 2014 | shot by tess

Tis that time of year again. Saying goodbye to the last year. Everyone is recapping and blogging about it…so this is me jumping in on the bandwagon.

I’m a bit overwhelmed thinking about what all happened this last year. So many crazy cool things. I’ve met amazing people, gone back to Guatemala, pushed myself harder to be more of the photographer that I desire to be, became a little more resolved and at peace with who I am.

Sigh….yeah it’s been a really good year and I have to say…I’m pretty damn proud of myself!

Thank you so much to everyone who supports me and for all of my clients who have continued to be faithful and for all the new clients I’ve met this year. You’ve made it amazing and I’m forever grateful for you!

See you in the New Year! It’s gonna be epic!

ForLaura2013-2 ForLaura2013-4 ForLaura2013-29 ForLaura2013-40 ForLaura2013-50 ForLaura2013-82 ForLaura2013-75 ForRusty&Katie-1 ForRusty&Katie-7 ForRusty&Katie-53 ForRusty&Katie-64 ForRusty&Katie-82 ForRusty&Katie-85 ForRusty&Katie-105USABoxing2014-19 USABoxing2014-164 USABoxing2014-62 USABoxing2014-432 USABoxing2014-649JustinAllysen-21 JustinAllysen-68 JustinAllysen-73 JustinAllysen-54 ForLindsey-6 ForLindsey-27 ForLindsey-38 ForLindsey-61 ForLindsey-70 ForLindsey-82EarlySpring2014-18 EarlySpring2014-20 EarlySpring2014-44View More: More: More: More: More: EarlySpring2014-65 EarlySpring2014-56 EarlySpring2014-49 EarlySpring2014-70 EarlySpring2014-68 EarlySpring2014-78 ForBabyEli2014-24 ForBabyEli2014-101 ForBabyEli2014-107 ForBabyEli2014-110 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-6 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-10 BeccaSeniorRep-6 ForEmilyW2014-18 ForOliviaR2014-56 ForOliviaR2014-29 ForTaryn2014-45 ForTaryn2014-42ForCoriJ-4 ForCoriJ-23 ForCoriJ-25 ForCoriJ-34 ForCoriJ-49 ForCoriJ-70 ForCoriJ-97 ForTonyHeather-3 ForTonyHeather-15 ForTonyHeather-52 ForTonyHeather-313 ForTonyHeather-371 ForTonyHeather-361 ForTonyHeather-144 ForPhilipKimberely-14 ForPhilipKimberely-24 ForPhilipKimberely-55 ForPhilipKimberely-102 ForPhilipKimberely-113Spring2014-4 Spring2014-9 Spring2014-14 Spring2014-101 Spring2014-96 Spring2014-69 Spring2014-116 Spring2014-123 Spring2014-125 Spring2014-128 Spring2014-130 Spring2014-74ForTaylorG-37 ForTaylorG-21 ForTaylorG-64 Guatemala2014-6 Guatemala2014-4 Guatemala2014-15 Guatemala2014-22 Guatemala2014-29 Guatemala2014-36 Guatemala2014-77 Guatemala2014-76 Guatemala2014-104 Guatemala2014-105 Guatemala2014-116 Guatemala2014-119 Guatemala2014-136 Guatemala2014-139 Guatemala2014-157 Guatemala2014-208 Guatemala2014-222 Guatemala2014-247 Guatemala2014-258 Guatemala2014-279 Guatemala2014-296 Guatemala2014-315 Guatemala2014-322 Guatemala2014-334Guatemala2014-348 Guatemala2014-337 Guatemala2014-350 Guatemala2014-380 Guatemala2014-422 Guatemala2014-452 Guatemala2014-477 Guatemala2014-496 Guatemala2014-502 Guatemala2014-508 Guatemala2014-511 Guatemala2014-578 EmilyW-1 EmilyW-12 EmilyW-43 EmilyW-23 EmilyW-67 EmilyW-69 OliviaR-16 OliviaR-3 OliviaR-22 OliviaR-62 OliviaR-65 OliviaR-73 FinalTaryn-7 FinalTaryn-34 FinalTaryn-53 FinalTaryn-103 FinalTaryn-88 FinalTaryn-125 FinalTaryn-232 FinalNik-1 FinalNik-17 FinalNik-31 FinalNik-69 FinalNik-58 AJohnston-34 AJohnston-19 AJohnston-68 AJohnston-74 AJohnston-86 BeccaJohnson-10 BeccaJohnson-18 BeccaJohnson-26 BeccaJohnson-65 BeccaJohnson-52 BeccaJohnson-46 GerberFamily-7 GerberFamily-32 GerberFamily-37 GerberFamily-83 GerberFamily-61 GerberFamily-118 GerberFamily-176 GerberFamily-160 GerberFamily-144ForLangFam-13 ForLangFam-1 ForLangFam-6 ForLangFam-22 ForLangFam-35 ForLangFam-42 ForLangFam-55 ForLangFam-77 ForLangFam-105 ForLangFam-129 ForLangFam-143 ForP&K-222 ForP&K-198 ForP&K-242 ForP&K-297 ForP&K-676 ForP&K-747 ForP&K-660SPJT-2 SPJT-1 FinalKing2014-64 FinalKing2014-58 FinalKing2014-11 TL2014-38 TL2014-54 TL2014-45 TL2014-28

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