christmas lifestyle | shot by tess

it’s not very often when a family wants me to be a part of their family portraits while i’m taking pictures….but it did make me smile when asked me to be a in a picture with them.

merry christmas!

FinalKing2014-1 FinalKing2014-2 FinalKing2014-3 FinalKing2014-5 FinalKing2014-6 FinalKing2014-7 FinalKing2014-8 FinalKing2014-10 FinalKing2014-11 FinalKing2014-13 FinalKing2014-15 FinalKing2014-17 FinalKing2014-19 FinalKing2014-21 FinalKing2014-24 FinalKing2014-25 FinalKing2014-27 FinalKing2014-30 FinalKing2014-33 FinalKing2014-34 FinalKing2014-35 FinalKing2014-38 FinalKing2014-40 FinalKing2014-41 FinalKing2014-45 FinalKing2014-46 FinalKing2014-47 FinalKing2014-49 FinalKing2014-50 FinalKing2014-55 FinalKing2014-58 FinalKing2014-60 FinalKing2014-64


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