maternity lifestyle photography | shot by tess

3 daughters + one on the way = a lot of shoes & clothes!

GerberFamily-1 GerberFamily-2 GerberFamily-3 GerberFamily-4 GerberFamily-6 GerberFamily-7 GerberFamily-8 GerberFamily-10 GerberFamily-12 GerberFamily-16 GerberFamily-20 GerberFamily-25 GerberFamily-26 GerberFamily-27 GerberFamily-29 GerberFamily-30 GerberFamily-32 GerberFamily-35 GerberFamily-37 GerberFamily-40 GerberFamily-42 GerberFamily-43 GerberFamily-46 GerberFamily-47 GerberFamily-49 GerberFamily-51 GerberFamily-52 GerberFamily-55 GerberFamily-56 GerberFamily-61 GerberFamily-67 GerberFamily-68 GerberFamily-71 GerberFamily-72 GerberFamily-74 GerberFamily-75 GerberFamily-76 GerberFamily-78 GerberFamily-80 GerberFamily-83 GerberFamily-87 GerberFamily-92 GerberFamily-94 GerberFamily-95 GerberFamily-97 GerberFamily-101 GerberFamily-102 GerberFamily-107 GerberFamily-109 GerberFamily-118 GerberFamily-119 GerberFamily-121 GerberFamily-123 GerberFamily-124 GerberFamily-126 GerberFamily-127 GerberFamily-129 GerberFamily-133 GerberFamily-135 GerberFamily-138 GerberFamily-139 GerberFamily-143 GerberFamily-144 GerberFamily-146 GerberFamily-148 GerberFamily-149 GerberFamily-152 GerberFamily-153 GerberFamily-154 GerberFamily-157 GerberFamily-158 GerberFamily-160 GerberFamily-166 GerberFamily-167 GerberFamily-168 GerberFamily-173 GerberFamily-176 GerberFamily-178 GerberFamily-179 GerberFamily-182 GerberFamily-184 GerberFamily-185 GerberFamily-192


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