class of 2015 | shot by tess

driving to seattle for an epic senior shoot the week i got back from guatemala was totally worth it!!

seriously amazing!

| Copyright Shot By Tess | Please feel free to share, but please don’t steal |

FinalTaryn-234 FinalTaryn-233 FinalTaryn-232 FinalTaryn-231 FinalTaryn-230 FinalTaryn-229 FinalTaryn-228 FinalTaryn-227 FinalTaryn-226 FinalTaryn-223 FinalTaryn-222 FinalTaryn-217 FinalTaryn-212 FinalTaryn-203 FinalTaryn-192 FinalTaryn-190 FinalTaryn-188 FinalTaryn-186 FinalTaryn-182 FinalTaryn-179 FinalTaryn-174 FinalTaryn-165 FinalTaryn-166 FinalTaryn-168 FinalTaryn-171 FinalTaryn-172 FinalTaryn-173 FinalTaryn-162 FinalTaryn-161 FinalTaryn-160 FinalTaryn-149 FinalTaryn-143 FinalTaryn-136 FinalTaryn-134 FinalTaryn-132 FinalTaryn-129 FinalTaryn-126 FinalTaryn-125 FinalTaryn-124 FinalTaryn-121 FinalTaryn-120 FinalTaryn-119 FinalTaryn-113 FinalTaryn-103 FinalTaryn-102 FinalTaryn-96 FinalTaryn-92 FinalTaryn-88 FinalTaryn-86 FinalTaryn-82 FinalTaryn-79 FinalTaryn-73 FinalTaryn-71 FinalTaryn-67 FinalTaryn-64 FinalTaryn-62 FinalTaryn-61 FinalTaryn-59 FinalTaryn-58 FinalTaryn-52 FinalTaryn-53 FinalTaryn-56 FinalTaryn-57 FinalTaryn-55 FinalTaryn-54 FinalTaryn-47 FinalTaryn-43 FinalTaryn-42 FinalTaryn-41 FinalTaryn-40 FinalTaryn-39 FinalTaryn-37 FinalTaryn-38 FinalTaryn-36 FinalTaryn-35 FinalTaryn-34 FinalTaryn-33 FinalTaryn-19 FinalTaryn-22 FinalTaryn-25 FinalTaryn-26 FinalTaryn-30 FinalTaryn-31 FinalTaryn-18 FinalTaryn-16 FinalTaryn-14 FinalTaryn-12 FinalTaryn-7 FinalTaryn-6 FinalTaryn-5 FinalTaryn-4

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