guatemala 2014 part i | shot by tess

i’ve been thinking a lot about what to say about my trip to guatemala this year, but it is really still overwhelming to even begin to explain. so much happened and it was harder to leave this year than last. it’s like leaving your family in some sense and not being able to see them for a whole year and then when you do go back to see them, 10 days seems like 2.

from the moment we got through customs and walked out the door to see huge smiles and hugs waiting for us my heart was full. makes me smile and all teary eyed just remembering it.

needless to say….it was amazing…and i cannot wait for next year. it changed the 12 people on our team and i believe there was change in the people we were there with.

thank you to everyone who supported us and prayed for us…you have no idea how much of a blessing you were and are to us. seriously. thank you so much.

i took a whole lot of pictures, so there will be a few posts…this is just the first couple of days….included antigua, being stuck in traffic for 3 hours, playing with kiddos and going to the first village….


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 Guatemala2014-1 Guatemala2014-4 Guatemala2014-6 Guatemala2014-7 Guatemala2014-9 Guatemala2014-10 Guatemala2014-13 Guatemala2014-15 Guatemala2014-16 Guatemala2014-17 Guatemala2014-19 Guatemala2014-20 Guatemala2014-21 Guatemala2014-22 Guatemala2014-24 Guatemala2014-25 Guatemala2014-26 Guatemala2014-29 Guatemala2014-31 Guatemala2014-35 Guatemala2014-36 Guatemala2014-40 Guatemala2014-43 Guatemala2014-44 Guatemala2014-46 Guatemala2014-48 Guatemala2014-49 Guatemala2014-53 Guatemala2014-58 Guatemala2014-59 Guatemala2014-64 Guatemala2014-65 Guatemala2014-66 Guatemala2014-69 Guatemala2014-70 Guatemala2014-71 Guatemala2014-74 Guatemala2014-75 Guatemala2014-76 Guatemala2014-77 Guatemala2014-79 Guatemala2014-80 Guatemala2014-81 Guatemala2014-84 Guatemala2014-85 Guatemala2014-89 Guatemala2014-90 Guatemala2014-92 Guatemala2014-94 Guatemala2014-95 Guatemala2014-96 Guatemala2014-98 Guatemala2014-99 Guatemala2014-100 Guatemala2014-101 Guatemala2014-102 Guatemala2014-103 Guatemala2014-104 Guatemala2014-105 Guatemala2014-106 Guatemala2014-108 Guatemala2014-109 Guatemala2014-110 Guatemala2014-112 Guatemala2014-113 Guatemala2014-114 Guatemala2014-116 Guatemala2014-119 Guatemala2014-120 Guatemala2014-127 Guatemala2014-128 Guatemala2014-129 Guatemala2014-130 Guatemala2014-135 Guatemala2014-136 Guatemala2014-137 Guatemala2014-138 Guatemala2014-139 Guatemala2014-142 Guatemala2014-144 Guatemala2014-145 Guatemala2014-146 Guatemala2014-151 Guatemala2014-154 Guatemala2014-155 Guatemala2014-156 Guatemala2014-157 Guatemala2014-158 Guatemala2014-161 Guatemala2014-163 Guatemala2014-167 Guatemala2014-168


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