class of 2015 | shot by tess


meet my senior reps this year! i love all of them so much and have had such a great time getting to know them!

if you go to u-high, cv or mt. spokane talk to one of these lovely ladies and they can help you get a deal on your senior photos!!!

BeccaSeniorRep-2 BeccaSeniorRep-6 BeccaSeniorRep-12 BeccaSeniorRep-18 BeccaSeniorRep-20 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-2 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-4 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-6 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-14 EmilyAnnSeniorRep-16 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-1 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-9 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-10 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-12 ForEmilyAnn_Becca-13 ForEmilyW2014-4 ForEmilyW2014-10 ForEmilyW2014-18 ForEmilyW2014-20 ForEmilyW2014-23 ForOliviaR2014-29 ForOliviaR2014-40 ForOliviaR2014-56 ForOliviaR2014-63 ForOliviaR2014-68 ForTaryn2014-1 ForTaryn2014-16 ForTaryn2014-42 ForTaryn2014-43 ForTaryn2014-45

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