newborn lifestyle | shot by tess

i’ve known lindsey since like first grade. she lived around the corner from me all growing up and is one of my favorite people ever.

i’m so happy for her little family. and this little cutie will melt your heart!

ForLindsey-1 ForLindsey-4 ForLindsey-6 ForLindsey-8 ForLindsey-10 ForLindsey-12 ForLindsey-13 ForLindsey-14 ForLindsey-15 ForLindsey-21 ForLindsey-23 ForLindsey-24 ForLindsey-25 ForLindsey-26 ForLindsey-27 ForLindsey-28 ForLindsey-29 ForLindsey-30 ForLindsey-32 ForLindsey-33 ForLindsey-35 ForLindsey-36 ForLindsey-37 ForLindsey-38 ForLindsey-40 ForLindsey-41 ForLindsey-42 ForLindsey-44 ForLindsey-48 ForLindsey-49 ForLindsey-51 ForLindsey-52 ForLindsey-54 ForLindsey-57 ForLindsey-61 ForLindsey-62 ForLindsey-65 ForLindsey-68 ForLindsey-69 ForLindsey-70 ForLindsey-72 ForLindsey-73 ForLindsey-75 ForLindsey-76 ForLindsey-77 ForLindsey-79 ForLindsey-81 ForLindsey-82


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