should auld acquaintance be forgot // shot by tess

it always blows my mind when the holidays have gone and the new year is upon us. i realize this happens every year, but everything just goes by so fast as an adult. when you’re a kid, time seems to be slow. but that’s probably because kids don’t have to think about the clock ticking.

2013 was a year of firsts. there are so many i’m not even sure where to begin. it’s been an amazing challenge and i feel like i’ve grown through it.

i can’t express how thankful i am to every one of you. y’all have supported me in this great adventure of self employment and i am forever grateful to you. i’ve met so many amazing people and i cannot wait for 2014 and all the adventures it will bring.

i hope and pray that this next year is amazing for you too.

so here’s to new adventures, new friends and old friends, to the challenges and struggles and to whatever else comes our way.


fall2013-75 fall2013-58 fall2013-47 fall2013-10 fall2013-3 ForKennedy2013-11 ForMcNamara2013-33 ForMcNamara2013-11 ForJ&AMc2013-7 ForJ&AMc2013-5 ForAhlquist2013-23 ForAhlquist2013-20 ForAhlquist2013-17 BlogBerrow2013-16 BlogJaimieSmith-79 BlogJaimieSmith-71 BlogJaimieSmith-81 BlogJaimieSmith-68 BlogJaimieSmith-67 BlogJaimieSmith-8 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-520 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-521 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-499 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-475 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-482 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-434 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-403 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-399 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-127 BlogSteph&Taylor2013-62 BlogAly2013-74 BlogAly2013-87 BlogAly2013-93 BlogAly2013-61 BlogAly2013-41 BlogRika&Katie2013-581 BlogRika&Katie2013-447 BlogRika&Katie2013-386 BlogRika&Katie2013-297 BlogRika&Katie2013-162 BlogRika&Katie2013-136 BlogRika&Katie2013-158 BlogRika&Katie2013-86 BlogRika&Katie2013-11 BlogRika&Katie2013-23 BlogRika&Katie2013-18 ForD&S2013-113 ForD&S2013-115 ForD&S2013-101 ForD&S2013-106 ForD&S2013-105 ForD&S2013-104 ForD&S2013-95 ForD&S2013-91 ForD&S2013-67 ForD&S2013-55 ForD&S2013-38 ForD&S2013-33 ForD&S2013-43 ForD&S2013-25 ForD&S2013-10 1Summer2013-61 1Summer2013-37 1Summer2013-21 1Summer2013-2 1Summer2013-3 1002267_10152923043080176_243936837_n GM2013-410 GM2013-379 GM2013-368 GM2013-398 GM2013-359 GM2013-358 GM2013-338 GM2013-305 GM2013-307 GM2013-252 GM2013-242 GM2013-225 GM2013-215 GM2013-209 GM2013-132 GM2013-129 GM2013-119 GM2013-42 GM2013-37 GM2013-33 GM2013-25 blogJ&ASP2013-100 blogJ&ASP2013-94 blogJ&ASP2013-50 blogJ&ASP2013-26 AG2013-108 AG2013-110 AG2013-101 AG2013-40 AG2013-14 BlogTaylor&Steph2013-100 BlogTaylor&Steph2013-85 BlogTaylor&Steph2013-70 BlogJade2013-132 BlogJade2013-87 BlogJade2013-61 BlogJade2013-38 BlogJade2013-23 BlogJade2013-105 BlogJade2013-111 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-113 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-97 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-99 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-93 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-61 BlogRyan&Sarah2013-45 cropped-blogspring2013-26.jpg BlogHannahB2013-40 BlogHannahB2013-61 BlogHannahB2013-11 BlogCU2013-16 BlogCU2013-18 BlogCU2013-17 BlogJanell2013-81 BlogJanell2013-50 BlogJanell2013-34 BlogJanell2013-25 ForD&M_2013-20 ForD&M_2013-15 ForD&M_2013-131 ForD&M_2013-79 ForD&M_2013-49 ForD&M_2013-48 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-38 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-40 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-35 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-30 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-26 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-24 BlogAlisha&Jesse_2013-11

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