shot by tess // inland northwest lifestyle & wedding photographer // as of late

it’s been a while since i posted any personal photos i’ve taken…

so here has been life in the last few months (yes there are some selfies…but the light was bad ass and since it was just me, i had to make it work)

p.s. my sister in law is a trooper….all natural….and pushed out a 9 lb baby girl!

fall2013-1 fall2013-3 fall2013-4 fall2013-5 fall2013-6 fall2013-7 fall2013-10 fall2013-12 fall2013-16 fall2013-22 fall2013-23 fall2013-25 fall2013-26 fall2013-28 fall2013-29 fall2013-30 fall2013-32 fall2013-34 fall2013-35 fall2013-36 fall2013-39 fall2013-41 fall2013-43 fall2013-47 fall2013-51 fall2013-54 fall2013-55 fall2013-56 fall2013-58 fall2013-60 fall2013-61 fall2013-62 fall2013-66 fall2013-71 fall2013-85 fall2013-86 fall2013-87 fall2013-89

*feel free to pin, share or tweet…but please give credit where credit is due…no one likes a thief*


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