shot by tess // inland northwest lifestyle photographer // the whole picture

i’ve decided that i want to change the way you think about photography.

yup. mmhmm.

i’ve decided that i am going to do what my gift is instead of trying to conform to something that, although i am good at, it’s not what my soul is telling me to do.

some call it photojournalism, some call it lifestyle and some call it storytelling.

whatever you want to call it, it’s where i want to go. it’s what i do best. and it’s the best way to see into your own world when you are so consumed by it that you can’t see the whole picture.

the whole picture.

the mom making dinner while holding her toddler. the 4 year old sneaking more treats out of the jar while watching tv. the look of love that the mother of the bride has while watching her husband giving his speech for his baby girl.

sweet and precious moments.

that. that right there. is where my soul lies. to be a fly on the wall. to capture the moments you aren’t even aware are happening. and to surprise you and to tell YOUR story. to make you stop for a moment and see your whole picture.

how it works is that you let me come into your world and fade into the background here and there and let me hang out with you guys. we roll with the moments happening in front us and i get to do my most favorite thing in the world, while you focus on your most favorite thing in the world.

it might not be much on paper, but i promise that you will not be disappointed with the end result.

your beautiful life stopped for just a moment and documented into forever.

be brave. let me inside your daily life.

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