Inland northwest lifestyle & wedding photographer | cat is out of the bag

I feel like I’ve waited a hundred years to actually be able to announce this. And no…it doesn’t not involve marriage or baby news (although that seems like a 100 years away too haha).

Since I’ve started photography I’ve been working a day job at the same time. Working very long days between both and struggling with wanting to be out on my own but not having the means to make ends meet. But here I am, 3 years later and I can proudly say that come July 1st I will be solely working for Shot By Tess. Yup yup!

I can’t even tell you how excited I am. I’m a little nervous too because this is def a whole new chapter in my life and I never thought it would happen. It’s very surreal to actually pursue a dream. I guess I always felt like all it was just a dream and something that I would always have to chase. That says something about where my mind set has been.

About a year ago I decided that fear was no longer going to rule my mind. I believe that has everything to do with my faith. God does not give a spirit of fear and I decided to actually believe that with my whole heart. I wanted a spirit of bravery instead.  As soon as I let go, things started falling into place. Hmm imagine that?? Not saying that I don’t get scared or still have fears (I’m only human!), but I’ve learned to push past it somehow.

My support system is amazing. They have been just as excited as I am and that has been a huge blessing. I’m not unaccustomed to people looking at me like I’m crazy, because I tend to do things that people don’t understand. But I like being a little rebellious and I’m ok with swimming upstream if I know in my knower it’s right.

So what does this really mean??? I can finally focus 100% on my craft & passion!!!!!!!!! It means that the quality of what I do is going to go up. It means that my schedule is going to be WAY more open and I will have a lot more flexibility in meeting your needs as a photographer.

It also means that come July 1st, my prices will be changing a bit. Why? Because I still have bills and I need to eat. I will be posting those changes here soon. Don’t worry; I’m going to try to keep them reasonable still. But I believe that I’m worth the increase.

Thank you so much to all my past, present and future clients. To my friends and family who have been beyond a support system. To those who listened to me complain and for opening up my eyes with encouragement and gentle reminders.

I can’t wait to see how everything unfolds, to meet new people and to learn new lessons.

*deep breath* here we go…



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