spokane family portraits | the b family

You might recognize a certain red head in these pictures, because not only did I get to do her senior portraits, but her family asked me to do their family pictures too.

We met nice and early on a Sunday morning in Coeur d’Alene and it was beautiful and quiet out.

This family is awesome and I love them dearly. They are a strong unit for sure. They’ve had their battles in life, but I have seen them come through it and keep up their sense of humor the whole time.

They are stinkin’ hilarious. Awkward family pictures were a topic of conversation for most of the session and yes there might be a few of those in this post.

I love it when there is nonstop laughter. It makes my heart happy knowing that those in front of my lens are having a good time and that they can just be themselves. It’s my whole goal as a photographer. To capture who you really are.

They blessed me so much and I am honored to have been the one to take their photos. It was an awesome memory maker.

*feel free to share on Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever you crazy kids do these days, but please don’t manipulate these pix in any way…thanks! you’re a peach!*


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