spokane portrait | matt k.

happy sunday!

tomorrow starts a crazy month, but i’m uber excited! lots of shoots and awesome opportunities!

speaking of excited, i’m excited to show you this for fun shoot! the light was amazing and i’m somewhat obsessed with this location! probably one of my favorite places to take photos at (thanks rose for showing me it!).

my vision for this shoot was to have a gangster/mobster/old school italian lookin’ guy. so this is where matt comes in. i’ve known him for almost 10 years and he has the perfect look what i saw in my head.

something to know about matt….he’s a pastor…yup…a cigar smokin’, whisky drinkin’ pastor….however, i put apple juice in the empty crown bottle for the shoot…didn’t want to waste the real stuff!

he does weddings people…so if you need someone to seal the deal for your big day, email me and i will get you the contact info for him. he does the best wedding ceremonies in spokane (seriously…i’ve been to a lot….he’s the right choice!).

so enjoy! hope your week is awesome!

*feel free to share on Facebook, Pinterest, or whatever you crazy kids do these days, but please don’t crop out my logo or manipulate these pix in any way…thanks! you’re a peach!*


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