rainbow inspired bridal shoot: part i

This is a LONG over due post!!! Because of how busy life can get, this session got pushed to the back burner!! BUT…it’s finished and there will be at least 2 more posts about it…I took A LOT of pictures….

Anyways! This shoot was SO much fun!! I asked 6 friends & some family memebers if they’d be willing to be a part of this and because I am loved, they all agreed.

One of them is Lindsey from PAPERMADE INVITES for the wedding invite. I have to say that I truly LOVE working with her! She went way above and beyond what I asked of her. Just imagine what she could do for you! I highly recommend her for any form of graphic design, but especially when it comes to invites. If I get married someday, she WILL be the one I call!! She made stickers, cards, invites & the menu!!!!!!!

If you are looking for someone to make cupcakes for you…um I have a gal who will an amazing job! Sandi did a wonderful job on these cupcakes. They were SO good…we were all very excited to eat them.

The 4 people I asked to be a part of this, were probably the best choice of models for me. Dan & Lindsey are married and have been for a few years, Matt, I’ve known since high school and Elisa…well she’s my bestie. Dan & Lindsey had never met Matt & Elisa, but you wouldn’t have known that. They got along so well and totally played off of each other so well.

My aunt, who wanted to remain nameless…haha…put together the flowers and she also went above and beyond what I had in my head. They were exactly what I had imagined and she did awesome. Thanks Auntie!!!

I’m forever grateful to my my parents too. They busted a move  helping me set everything up and came up with some awesome ways of keeping everything together.

Needless to say…it was awesome and I’m so happy with how they turned out and SO thankful for everyone who helped me do this.

Happy Weekend!

*feel free to share this on Facebook or pin it on Pinterest…but please do not manipulate these photos in any way…especially taking my name off of it…thanks!*

i’m not sure what was going on here….haha….

i really really really really love this…haha


there will be more…so make sure to keep checking!!!


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9 thoughts on “rainbow inspired bridal shoot: part i

  1. There were some super cute shots in there, particularly some very beautiful shots of Lindsey. Was the theme your idea?

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