miss kailin….2013 senior

it’s super weird to me to think that i’ve been out of high school for 8 years (woot woot go cv bears!). there are days that i feel like it wasn’t that long ago. i think that’s part of why i LOVE doing senior portraits…it’s a lot of fun for me and it reminds me so much of my own senior year.

kailin is awesome. GORGEOUS. super sweet. motivated. driven. confident. easy going. and has one of the best smiles ever!

i had such a great time with her! it was adventure for sure & so HOT….we went all over the downtown spokane area and we also went up to cliff drive, which gives such an awesome view of spokane…well….i ended up leaving my camera bag up there and thankfully it was still there when we went back (i had my camera the whole time, but the memory cards were in the bag!)! i was SO sick to my stomach over that! lol….thankfully kailin is also very patient!

in a lot of the pictures she’s laughing…and i’m not sure it was because i was funny or just because we had silly things happen to us!

these are just a few of my favorites….there A LOT more and it was very hard to choose from!

if you are still looking for someone to do your senior portraits, hit me up!!! we will have a blast that i can guarantee!


*please feel free to share this on Facebook, Pinterest or just with your homies, but please do not crop out any logo or manipulate any of these pictures…i work on them and this is my art. thanks a bunch!*


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