70+ years of love

in today’s world it is truly rare to find someone who has been married for more than 20 years, let alone 70….to one person i might add.

these two are so incredibly cute and remind of the old black and white movies. their love is true and it remains still after all this time (mary even said that he was a good kisser…made me laugh). i look up to them so much and hope that i have a love as strong as theirs. they must have gone through a lot in all those years (including WWII).

the cake topper is their original one from their wedding and when their house burned down quite a few years ago, mary happened to find it hidden inside of a pot in the aftermath…..just shows how God has protected their love.

this is my great aunt and uncle’s 70th wedding anniversary…

*cake & cupcakes by miss sara from frosted-the cupcake shop and were they ever good*

ps: sorry about the logo placement…my computer loves me and that is all i will say about that……(don’t worry lois, your actual pictures won’t have the logo!)


6 thoughts on “70+ years of love

  1. Such a sweet story! Love the pictures….. love them and I don’t even know ’em!!!!! What an inspiration and love story of true love!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great photos of a great couple. I love your essay at the beginning also. It was nice to meet you that day and I’ll look forward to seeing you at Marysia and Bens wedding.

  3. Thanks for taking these pictures for those of us who love them and live so far away!

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