to the best mama ever…..

dear mom,

you have no idea how much you have impacted me….especially in the last few years. you are the best mom and one of my best friends. i’m beyond thankful for you and you deserve so much.

thank you for always being there and for always rescuing us and for working hard all our lives. you are truly a proverbs 31 woman and know that your children praise you (proverbs 31:28).

thanks for all the long days, the helping hands, the wisdom, the laughter, the driving, the sarcasm, for taking the heat, for protecting us, for your unconditional love, your forgiving heart…

thank you for being the example strength and honor…compassion and love….

and i know i literally wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, but mom….i really wouldn’t be where i am if it weren’t for you. i love you more than you know and i hope to be half the woman you are.

here’s to bats in the cave and for putting on helmets…..happy mother’s day mama….


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