styled bridal shoot part iii

i have to admit, i’m kinda sad this is the last one of this session…i’m so thankful for everyone who helped me do this shoot, you guys really were a huge blessing to me.

here are the logistics of the shoot:

models: ryan & sarah

makeup: janell macek

hair: me (i’m not a hairstylist….i just ended up having to do her hair)

location: my backyard

flowers: bought them at fred myers and put them together

bouquet: me, my grandma’s brooches

props: things that have been collected over the years

if you’re a bride and need a makeup artist, you SO need to check out miss janell from makeup by macek and become a fan on Facebook…she did SUCH an amazing job on sarah’s makeup and she drove a long ways to do it. i wish she could do my makeup every morning before i head out for the day…..

i’d really love it if you’d give some blog love and share me with your friends!

happy weekend!!!



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