just want to share again….

Tomorrow I get to shoot a small backyard wedding for a family friend and it got me thinkin’ about one of my favorite engagement shoots…I’m not sure I ever shared it on my blog, but the pictures are on Facebook….

Sarah was the best roommate I could’ve asked for and even though I was SOOOO happy for her and Ryan…I was a little bummed that I’d lost my roomie. These two are seriously perfect for each other and I can’t believe that they’ve been married almost a year now. They are some of my favorite people to shoot because they are so willing to do anything. Love them…Love their engagement pictures!!!

Leave some blog love and be sure to share me with your friends!!!

2 thoughts on “just want to share again….

  1. Thanks so much Theresa! I was just looking through these yesterday and fell in love with them all over again! Thanks a million 🙂 you are so talented and captured us perfectly!! Can’t wait to take more pictures!!! Also you were an amazing host to a roomie 🙂 I loved living with ya and we had some really great times and made some memories I won’t forget…for instance the day we met and the next day I came over an yep I’ll move in 🙂 lol it was so meant to be!!! thanks for eveything! Sorry I just wrote a whole book on your blog…love ya girl 🙂

    • haha yeah you were pretty much all in from the word go!!! can’t wait to do more photos of you guys! i need to blog about the first time i did your pictures! those ones are some of my favorites too! love ya too!

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