Choosing a Photographer

It has to be overwhelming for someone when looking for a photographer in the Spokane area. I swear everyone I meet is one, which is good and bad…at least you have options.

So how do you pick someone? Especially for something as huge, precision and high stressed as a wedding? I personally think it depends on a few things…

  1. Meshing
  2. Security of the photographer’s skill
  3. Style

You and your photographer need to mesh. Not just because you like the photographer’s style or they fit your budget, but because it’s like you’ve been lifelong friends. It’s one my favorite parts of doing photo shoots & meeting with people. Things just pick up and we end up with an amazing shoot because our ideas and personalities came together. We just “get” each other.

Now, I’m sure if you’re a bride, you’ve done your research on photographers. And you probably feel pretty good about your photographer’s skill and what they produce. But, your photographer should know what they are doing and you should know, that they know, that YOU know, that they know what they are doing. You should feel comfortable being their hands and giving them the responsibility of documenting such a defining moment in your life. Even if your budget isn’t that big, don’t just settle for Uncle Joe with a semi good DSLR camera. It’s too important of a day.

Ask questions of your photographer and make sure they listen to your wants. HERE is a whole list of legit questions to ask.

Know your photographer’s style before you even meet them. It should be very apparent when you are looking at their website, Facebook & blog. There needs to be consistency. Speaking as a newbie, have a little grace too. If you are picking someone who is fairly new (like me), you might see some things change (for the better) in their work as they grow, but if you are ok with that, then awesome! If not, you might want to take a look at someone who is more seasoned.

I’m not the end all expert on this. I just believe these are some things to consider when looking for a photographer and to gain the best possible experience and to be utterly joyful with the end result.

My goal as your photographer is to tell your story and for you to shine through every picture I take. Not just saying pose like this and smile. But to show the honest to God, YOU!!! If you have questions or are interested in my work, please feel free to email me at


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