Why A First Look

There are a million opinions and arguments about doing a first look on your big day. There really is no right or wrong way and I believe it’s a personal preference…conviction….or however you want to put it. I do want to give my opinion on it though, so take it for what it’s worth.

For those of you who don’t know what a First Look is, it’s where a couple decides to see each other before the wedding instead of the traditional way as the bride walks down the aisle (is there a fancy name for that???).

I LOVE the idea of a first look!! LOVE it! You’re probably thinking, “Uh why? You’re not even married…” Well, it could be the hopelessly romantic side of me that I don’t admit I have, but, I just find it so awesomely intimate and beautiful. I’m more of a private person in general (to my mother’s loathing) and I take great lengths to preserve those moments, ideas, or whatever it is that I find super personal, to a few select people. Which is why I think it will be an awesome moment for me someday. I also don’t like crying in front of people and the idea of falling apart in front of a 100 people doesn’t sound fun (I’m an ugly crier!).

Here are just a few logical things to consider:

1. More time for pictures (which is always a good idea to me)

2. It will give you more time with your guests

3. You get to eat sooner (I love to eat, so really, how is this a bad plan?)

4. Your guests will get to eat sooner & since their blood sugar will be up they will be happy

5. You will be able to leave as the happy couple sooner to that honeymoon get away (whoop whoop!)

6. You will have WAY more time to be out on the dance floor (drop it like it’s hot)

Just think about it for a second. You’ve waited for this moment most of your life. You are going to be married to your best friend. Having a first look gives both of you a moment to let all that build up & chaos of the day to stop and to just be you. Not only does it give more time for pictures and fun, but it allows you to fall apart together and collect yourself before you walk down the aisle. It also gives the opportunity for some of the coolest, sweetest moments to be captured in a photograph. I honestly think it’s the best part of the day and the most intimate. A first look lets you both take each other in, because let’s be honest, you’re gonna look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, I will always feel super blessed and honored to be a part of your wedding day and to be given such a huge responsibility. I will never take it for granted. Happy wedding planning!!



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